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About Us

Since November 2020, Yummy Bone Treats has been a one-stop online treat shop operating from Coquitlam, BC. We specialize in concocting healthy, nutritious, and good looking dog treats with only 100% natural and whole ingredients. No preservatives or additives are added to our treats to guarantee high quality and nutrition. You can find an assortment of dehydrated biscuits, freshly baked pastries, raw-rehydrated single ingredient treats, and much more!

Ari is a 30 year old Events and Sales Specialist with a background in Culinary Arts, Catering, and Hospitality. Her passions are great customer service, protecting the environment, and delicious food!

Kali is a 7 years old Pitbull Mastiff with the sweetest personality. She loves people, swimming, and Yummy Treats. All Yummy recipes are approved by her. As a picky eater, Kali doesn't make Ari's job easy; but her choices sure make many tails wag!

Eco-friendly practices are important to us. We carefully select our packaging, offer our customers reusable options, and implement eco-friendly practices to sustain our commitment to a healthier planet!

Our values

natural . artisan . eco-friendly . fun

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