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Star Supporters!

Yummy's Collaborators




Eliza & Yoshi

Eliza & Yoshi supported and believed in Yummy Bone Treats since day one! They were our very first online customers, they are part of our Yummy Fam, and Eliza collaborates with our business constantly. We can't get enough of their bandanas and other amazing products. You can find some of them sometimes in our store too!

Kyfran Art

Karime & Franklin

We are not only thrilled to have the opportunity to work hand by hand with a Latina partner but once you see Karime's products you'll understand why we also love her business so much. You can find her beautiful Birthday Tags inside our Yummy Barkday Box.


Chloe's Party Shop

Joanne & Stewie

Joanne & Stewie had been supporters of our business since day one. Stewie sure knows how to put smile or Ari's face. Chloe's Party Shop is Jo's new small business and we couldn't be more happy to have the opportunity to work with her. Her pawty perks are one of a kind! You can find her products featured on our social media and sometimes in our store.

Floofy Studios

Keegan, Susan, Mr. Bruce

Keegan is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet! She has been an inspiration to our business since day one. having the opportunity to meet her and work along with her has been a dream come true! We are honored to say we are Floofy's exclusive treat provider and you can find her amazing pictures featured on our social media and website as well!


Pup Social House

Jessica, Uno

Jessica is such a beautiful soul! She is all about helping others and contributing to other people's happiness. Her amazing project has allow small businesses in the pet industry to get to know each other, get together, and share memorable experiences.

Natalie Yung

Natalie, Echo

Nat is not only an excellent photographer who understands how to capture dogs and dog treats to a T. But she is also smart, friendly, passionate, and has a contagious smile! We have had the pleasure to work along with Nat and Echo in different occasions and it has always been a pleasure. You can find her amazing work all over our social media and website!

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